Sustainable Advantage

Solution: Clothing waste prevention. Owner: Sustainable Advantage. Strategy: Prevention.Pile of white cotton clothes


The British clothing retailer FatFace wanted to redistribute and donate its surplus clothing. The consultancy firm Sustainable Advantage stepped in to help redistribute 15,000 items to UK-based NGOs. These clothes have helped people in need instead of being sold to textile merchants for export and sales abroad.




15,000 pieces of clothing were redistributed as a pilot. This will become a permanent initiative.

Potential circular economy impact

This solution minimises waste and creates a positive social impact. It also enables clothing to be redistributed locally rather than exported overseas.  

This campaign will hopefully encourage other clothing companies to donate surplus clothes to benefit their community.

What’s involved?

People: Staff to organise supplies; logistics experts; staff to organise donation and handovers.

Resources: Clothes.

Technology: N/A

Implementation: Surplus clothing evaluation; identifying NGOs; establishing connection with the NGOs; organising drop-offs.

More information

Sustainable Advantage Website