Tŷ Syml

Solution: Design studio. Owner: Tŷ Syml. Strategy: Redesign.

Office space with glass windows


Tŷ Syml is an experimental design studio making interior products from waste. Waste materials include mushroom and seaweed composites, as well as hemp and paper. These are used to make items such as lampshades, vases and wall panels.

Tŷ Syml’s lamps have been used in zero-waste restaurants across Europe, including SILO London and Frea Berlin. The studio is currently working on creating a seaweed-based lighting system for a zero-waste restaurant in Manhattan.


Pembrokeshire, South Wales.


Small business with an international reach.

Potential circular economy impact

The studio makes use of waste streams and extends materials’ lifespans. At the end of their life, items will not contaminate the natural environment. They can either be composted or returned to the nutrient cycle.

Tŷ Syml focusses uses low-impact materials that are easy to recycle or reuse.

What’s involved?

People: Design team; material technology expert; logistics team; branding and marketing teams.

Resources: Waste streams, such as seaweed, paper waste, textile waste and mycelium (mushroom).

Technology: Material transformation technology.

Implementation: Establish agreements with businesses to retrieve their waste; process and transform waste; promote products; sell products.

More information

Tŷ Syml Website