Vacuum Save

Solution: Repair and reselling serviceOwner: Vacuum SaveCircular Strategy: Repair.

Vacuum cleaner


Vacuum Save were looking to invest in marketing, as well as to improve the scheduling of its vans to reduce mileage. Thanks to support from a LoCASE grant, Vacuum Save’s application was approved and able to proceed.

The company was able to market its services and implement scheduling of vans. The fleet of vans have reduced mileage and therefore lowered costs and emissions. They are able to do more jobs each day which has increased their revenue and enabled them to take on more staff.


Chelmsford, Essex.

Potential circular economy impact

Keeping products and materials in use at their highest quality for as long as possible through repair and redistribution.

What’s involved?

People: Staff for logistics; collection; storage; sorting; diagnostics; transport; delivery; supply chain management; marketing.

Resources: Vehicles; warehouse.

Technology: Collection; sorting and diagnostic equipment; website.

Implementation: Item collection; item repair; service marketing; sales.

More information

Vacuum Save website