Solution: Compostable packaging. Owner: Vegware. Strategy: Recycle.

Saplings in a tray


Vegware is a food packaging company that produces 300 types of takeaway packaging products. These include cups, cup lids, straws and other containers.

Products are typically made from a combination of paper and cardboard. Some also use bio-plastics (primarily Polylactic Acid). Vegware prints using vegetable-derived and water-based inks.

Vegware uses only plant-based and renewable materials. These include sugarcane, cassava, corn, sugar beet, bagasse and vegetable oils. The materials can be industrially composted at a high temperature alongside food waste.


Products are available across the United Kingdom and France.


Vegware sells their products to over 70 countries.

Potential circular economy impact

Vegware offers a less wasteful alternative to plastic packaging. If paired with a dedicated collection system, the materials can be transformed into compost. This reduces waste in landfill or incineration. It also drives down associated greenhouse gas emissions.

What’s involved?

People: Vegware staff; café or restaurant staff.

Resources: Vegware products; collection bins.

Technology: Machinery for processing and packaging transformation; composting facility.

Implementation: Agreements with venues; bin installation; agreement with composting facilities.

More information

Vegware website