Warp It

Solution: Second-hand furniture. Owner: Warp It. Strategy: Reuse.

A room with furniture


Warp It connects organisations with surplus furniture to those who need it. Organisations involved in this surplus trading marketplace include not-for-profit groups and schools.


United Kingdom.


In 2020, Warp It has diverted 4,000 tonnes of furniture waste from landfill.

Potential circular economy impact

The marketplace allows organisations and institutions to share resources, save money and reduce waste. To date, this has saved around 13,000 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted.

What’s involved?

People: Software developers; customer service teams; business developers; customer network; insurance and legal risk managers.

Resources: Surplus furniture; platform guides.

Technology: Software to host the platform and facilitate the exchange of items.

Implementation: Build the platform; create legal agreements to ensure a safe exchange of items; provide platform help and guidance.

More information

Warp It website