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Solution: AI tool for tracking food waste.   Owner: Winnow solutions.   Strategy: Reduction/prevention.

Kitchen food waste on chopping board being swept into food waste bin.


Kitchens can automatically track food waste using Winnow Visions. This Artificial-Intelligence (AI)-enabled tool uses computer vision to pinpoint waste, cut costs and save time.

The system takes photos of wasted food as it is thrown away. Using the images, the machine trains itself to recognise what has been thrown in the bin. As more food is thrown away, more data is automatically captured.

Team members can throw away food using any bin. The weight is recorded and the user selects the reason for disposal. The user is also responsible for identifying the item/dish using a tablet.

Ikea UK has been using the solution since 2017. Since 2018, they have reduced food waste by 37%, helping to save £1.4 million.


UK office. Operates in France and the UK.


Commercial kitchens (e.g. restaurants, cruise ships, retail units and hotels)

Potential circular economy impact

This solution raises awareness of food waste and quantifies the financial impact of waste. The technology used is accurate and fast, making it less of a burden to adopt.

Depending on the data, kitchens can take action by buying and using fewer ingredients. This could have a significant impact, as hospitality businesses waste approximately 25% of the food that they buy. 

What’s involved?

People: Kitchen staff

Resources: Kitchen; tablet; AI camera; scale

Technology: System with built-in camera and connected scale

Implementation: Device installation; staff training; staff engagement  

More information

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