Wiser Recycling

Solution: WEEE reuse, recycling and disposal service. Owner: Wiser recycling. Strategy: Reuse and recycling.



Wiser Recycling specialises in screening for reuse across a wide range of WEEE. Anything that can’t be reused is disassembled, shredded and recycled.

The organisation processes items including computers, televisions and batteries. Their clients include retailers, businesses, local authorities and schools.


St Ives, UK.


11-50 employees.

Potential circular economy impact

Wiser Recycling aims to close the WEEE loop through reuse and recycling. Any items screened for reuse are tested to meet safety standards.

What’s involved?

People: Staff to monitor the website and orders; team to inspect and dismantle items; logistics and sorting experts.

Resources: Collection vehicles; warehouse for managing incoming and outgoing WEEE.

Technology: Machinery to shred and bulk material streams; website.

Implementation: Manage orders and vehicle fleet; organise collections; assess items.

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