Solution: Repair and reuse service for WEEE. Owner: Zack. Strategy: Repair and reuse.

Computer screen


The organisation works with offices to collect defective electronic devices. This usually takes place when an office is being cleared.

Zack collects and evaluates the products, before sorting them for resale, donation, repair or recycling. It produces an environmental report within 30 days of collection. This includes information on CO2 and material savings.


Paris, France.


11-50 employees.

Potential circular economy impact

Work ensures office clearances do not result in waste in landfill or incinerations. Items can instead be reused or recycled.

What’s involved?

People: Staff to monitor the website and answer enquiries; collection and distribution staff; teams to assess and sort products.

Resources: Vehicles; warehouse; storage facilities.

Technology: Warehouse machinery; website.

Implementation: Assess items; oversee user requests; collection and distribution; marketing.

More information

Zack website