Municipality of Crozon

Solution: Weighing household waste. Owner: Municipality of Crozon. Circular Strategy: Reduce.

Food waste bin


This service is based on the implementation of a system of weighing residual household waste (RHW) for door-to-door collection, coupled with an incentive rate. All citizens will have to choose their annual package and pay the difference if this is exceeded.

The sorting of biowaste at source will reduce the weight of RHW collected and thus reduce the cost of collection for users.


Z.A. de Kerdanvez
P 25 - 29160 Crozon


Introduction within a local authority.

Potential circular economy impact

If this system is implemented, citizens will have to reduce their volume of biowaste in order to avoid paying a high fee. This system will therefore encourage all citizens to implement measures to reduce their biowaste.

What’s involved?

People: Citizens, Waste Collection Union.

Technology: Collection truck with integrated weighing system; rubbish bins with a chip/badge system (to prevent users from using other rubbish bins).

Implementation: Communication with the population; organization of dedicated collections; trucks fitted with the weighing system; rubbish bins and individual access cards.

More information

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