BLUEPRINT training programme

The BLUEPRINT training programme has been designed by partners and social enterprises. It will be rolled out by organisations across England and France. The opportunity will be open to anyone seeking a new job or looking to change their role. The programme will support individuals in their search for work within the circular economy sector. 

The BLUEPRINT Project will upskill 1,300 individuals to support them to secure the jobs of the future. Explore the modules below and contact [email protected] for more information.

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Crane over building at sunset

Developed in partnership with the CSTB, this vocational event will focus on selective deconstruction. This will be delivered by ESITC Caen and Orée in France.

Hand hovering over computer mouse

Learn how to use the ELIPSE tool for industrial and territorial ecology assessments. This module is delivered by ESITC Caen and Orée in France.