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Project partners will develop a series of behaviour change pilots to help residents reduce their waste. They will engage 78,000 individuals by the end of the project.

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Menstrual cup on a pink surface

Sustainable periods project run by Swale Borough Council.

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Woman with short hair in pink shirt sorting recycling into bags

Brighton & Hove is recruiting circular economy community champions. They will focus on household recycling, food, textiles and electronics.

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Pieces of tree trunk with the waste hierarchy written on them

Students in Brighton & Hove schools attended circular economy workshops which explored a variety of different themes around common waste streams.

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Women filling up jar in refill shop

PECT’s RE-Directory identified services, projects and events across Peterborough and Cambridgeshire that practiced circular economy principles including repair shops, reuse centres/stores, recycling points, upcycling projects etc.

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Man litter picking at sunset

PECT is working with local volunteer and community groups to recruit ambassadors. The ambassadors will act as a voice for their community and others to reduce their waste.