Excellent Excedents

Solution: Providing surplus food to those in need.   Owner: Excellent Excedents.   Strategy: Prevention.

Two large pots of food steaming on a hob in a professional kitchen


Excellent Excedents collects surplus meals from restaurants and catering services to provide to those in need. This includes individuals with limited budgets and those at risk of malnourishment.

The service offers traceability of the food chain from the donor to the recipient. Tax reductions are also provided to the donors.


Île-de-France and Seine-Saint-Denis


A restaurant must offer at least 15 meals each time they donate

Potential circular economy impact

This initiative helps to reduce food waste sent to landfill. It also supports people in need and has positive economic and social impacts.

What’s involved?

People: Restaurant managers; catering company owners; umbrella food logistics organisations; meal distribution organisations   

Resources: Drivers; restaurants; caterers; surplus food; consumers; logistics teams

Technology: Food transport; cooling units

Implementation: Network creation; logistics set-up; launching food distribution points   

More information

Excellent Excedents website