Nous anti-gaspi

Solution: A second selling opportunity for food.   Owner: Nous anti-gaspi.   Strategy: Prevention.

A woman and man checking best-before label of a food package in a supermarket aisle.


Surplus food is sourced from local farmers, wholesalers and food companies. Grocery stores then sell rejected food to customers. Products might be aesthetically damaged, use outdated packaging or be close to the expiry date.

The food is sold at a discounted price, but the suppliers still get a fare share for their produce. Food health and safety regulations are upheld along the way.

Unsold items are redistributed for free to local community groups. The initiative has also created their own label, which donates 1% of profits to projects with a positive community impact.


Brittany, Rennes, Normandy, Loire-Atlantique, Tours, Paris and Lille.


12 tons of products are redistributed each week.

Potential circular economy impact

This solution decreases the amount of food waste sent to landfill or incineration. It also aims to change consumption perceptions to maximise product use.

What’s involved?

People: Food suppliers

Resources: Caddies; composting boxes; padlocks

Technology: Cooling systems; transportation  

Implementation: Communication with local producers; marketing to customers

More information

Nous anti-gaspi website