Zéro Gâchis

Solution: Anti-waste supermarket shelves.   Owner: Zéro Gâchis.   Strategy: Prevent.

Apples, oranges and lemons in three plastic trays.


Using the app, consumers can find nearby supermarkets with “Zéro Gâchis” shelves (anti-waste shelves). On these shelves, consumers will find discounted food products that are close to their expiry dates.


France, Belgium, Portugal and Romania


200 stores across four countries. Its biggest presence is in Brittany and Nantes.

Potential circular economy impact

Zéro Gâchis reduces the amount of food waste went to landfill. It also has social and economic benefits, helping consumers to buy food at a reduced cost. Supermarkets make a profit on items that would have otherwise gone to waste.

What’s involved?

People: Relevant ministries and government departments; app developers; IT providers; supermarket staff; app users

Resources: Supermarket; app; smartphone; surplus food  

Technology: Smartphone with internet access and GSP; shelving units with the registration of food products 

Implementation: Partnerships between supermarkets, producers and consumers

More information

Zéro Gâchis website