Circular economy solutions

These innovative circular economy solutions have been implemented in England and France. We hope these case studies will inspire local authorities to launch similar initiatives in their area. 

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a person sewing a fabric using a sewing needle, with scissors and a measuring ruler in the background

A repair service for outdoor textile brands.

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three similarly coloured fabrics

Garments made using surplus and post-consumers fabrics, as well as recycled and organic materials.

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many different fabrics in gray boxes

Pantee create underwear sets crafted from deadstock fabrics which were never used for their intended purpose.

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many different coloured fabrics next to each other

Reseller of leather leftovers from dormant stocks.

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a person using a seam ripper on a fabric

Repair service for clothes of individuals or companies.

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different patterns of cloth like fabrics

A platform to reduce the impact clothing has on the environment.

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Various different colours of a similar fabric

A technology that converts polyester, polycotton blended textiles, and PET plastics back into raw materials.