Circular economy solutions

These innovative circular economy solutions have been implemented in England and France. We hope these case studies will inspire local authorities to launch similar initiatives in their area. 

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fabric being sewed via a sewing machine

Sewing studio based in Brighton Open Market offering a range of sewing and textile classes.

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three young people wearing different coloured socks

This organisation recycles old socks into thread to make other socks and clothing items.

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many carrots on top and next to each other

This organisation reduces food waste by repurposing imperfect or surplus fruit and veg by transforming it into food that can be consumed.

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fruits, vegetables, bread, and pasta in a white bag

An organisation that reduces edible food waste on farms and redistributes to various charities.

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various fruits in a brown bag

This organisation redistributes surplus food to charities that turn it into meals.

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fish on a wooden table

An organisation that strives to reduce fish skin food waste through repurposing it.

Teaser image

Manufacturer of cellulose wadding for home insulation made mostly from newspaper.

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Three different food dishes on three different plates

This network brings regional players in the food chain together to help avoid and reduce food waste.