Circular economy solutions

These innovative circular economy solutions have been implemented in England and France. We hope these case studies will inspire local authorities to launch similar initiatives in their area. 

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sunglasses on top of a rock

A company that uses seafood waste such as oyster shells, mussels, and scallops to create sunglasses.

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orange juice with straws and oranges in a basket

An organisation that collects and uses wonky/surplus fruits to create a tasty refreshing drink.

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juices, vegetables, and fruit inside a refrigerator

This organisation reduces food waste, by making surplus food freely available to anyone who wants it.

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many vegetables next to each other

This organisation develops high-tech products from sustainable sources, using material developed from root vegetables.

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liquid from a jug being poured into a brown bottle

The organisation’s aim is to reduce single-use plastics through a refill service.

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many food dispensers lined up next to each other

The organisation’s aim is to reduce plastic and help customers shop more sustainably.

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three rows of small food storage containers stacked on top of each other

Organisation that encourages individuals to opt for sustainable packaged products.