Circular economy solutions

These innovative circular economy solutions have been implemented in England and France. We hope these case studies will inspire local authorities to launch similar initiatives in their area. 

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Reusable food containers

The Street Food Box is a reusable, fold flat food to go box.

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Soup in a bowl

This organisation works to raise public awareness about the issue of food waste. 

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People cooking in the kitchen

This project aims to reduce food waste by using up food that would otherwise be wasted.

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This organisation offers a furniture rental service.

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Person painting furniture

This organisation upcycles unwanted furniture into art.

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Table and chairs

This platform is dedicated to recycling live performance and audio-visual sets. 

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Living room furniture

This organisation offers tailored solutions for the collection and recycling of used furniture.

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Person with tablet device

This organisation reduces electrical waste by refurbishing and selling products to extend lifespan.